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How to Prepare Boneless Northern Pike Fillets

Step 1 filleting a pike

1- Make vertical cut behind head down to, but NOT through, backbone.
Turn knife horizontally and cut backward along top of backbone. You should be able to feel the blade "clicking" along the top of the "Y" bones

2- There is a row of small bones down the center of this fillet. Remove them with a V-shaped, lengthwise cut along each side of the center bones.

3- With the backbone exposed, a series of bones will be observed running parallel to it on either side. Make a cut down and slightly inward along the outer edge of these bones . Work down and over the ribs and remove the flank fillet. Repeat for other side.

Step 2 filleting a pike

4- Cut fillet free from each side of dorsal fin back to tail. There are no "Y" bones here.

Étape 3 fileter un brochet

5-Skin each fillet. You now have five bone-free fillets.

Method and narrative - Jerry Perkins -, Fish Management Technician Barron - WI DNR

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